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It is one of the most famous residences in Saint-Petersburg. Peterhof was founded in 1710 by Peter the Great as a modest palace in the style of Petrine Baroque and was redecorated during the reign of Empress Elizabeth on the model of splendid Versailles.

The Peterhof Grand Palace composes a gallery of the rooms which reflect the fashion of the XVIII- XIX centuries. During the tour we will visit the most interesting ones, among them

Тhe Throne Room storing the portraits of the Romanov Family, beginning with Patriarch Philaret – the dynast;

The Chinese Cabinets, that look like “jewel-boxes”, storing Chinese and Japanese items of the Palace’s collection;

Kuropatochnaya (Partridge) Chamber – lady’s boudoir, used for morning receptions in private apartments of the palace;

The Oak Study, that belonged to Peter I, is decorated with 14 panels of carved wood, 8 of them are original items, the room stores Peter I’s belongings: the travel watch, books etc.

The palace is exquisite, but the main landmark in Peterhof is the variety of fountains in The Lower Gardens, that have been functioning without pumps for 3 centuries and water goes up due to the principle of connecting vessels.

The Fountain of Samson, tearing lion’s jaws is the main fountain of the park, and keep on impressing the visitors. The height of its stream is 20 metres! The nozzle diameter is 50 millimetres, and the cascade consumes approximately 65 litres per second!

From ”“Samson” foot begins the Sea Channel that used to be navigable and served as a parade entrance, it goes right to the Gulf of Finland, the panoramic view of which you can enjoy during our tour in Peterhof.

There are more than 150 fountains in The Lower Gardens, we will show you the most interesting ones: “The Chess Hill Cascade” with an artificial grotto; “The Pyramid”, consisting of 506 streams of different height creating a 4-side pyramid; “The Sun” that rotates round its axis under the effect of its silver streams of water; Tricky fountains that were created to amaze and to surprise the guests.

Peterhof is the architectural complex that was included into UNESCO World Heritage List. It must be visited by every tourist in Saint-Petersburg!

We will be glad to demonstrate you this architectural pearl of the Empress’s Residences!

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