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Russian Museum

Russian Museum

The Hermitage is the treasury of world art, and The Russian Museum – is the unique depository of Russian art.

The Russian Museum is the best place to retrace the origin and development of the Russian icon. During the tour we will tell you about the types of icons, changes in the icon-painting techniques, the meaning of color-palette and demonstrate you the most famous icons of the collection: “Angel with golden hair” (XII), “Madonna the Belozerskaya” (XIII), “St. Boris and St. Gleb”(XIV), “St. George” (XIV), “St. Paul” (XV) and others.

Then we will continue our tour by visiting the rooms devoted to XVIII century art where you will see the changes in colors and styles of painting. Portrait became the main genre of Russian art in that times. You will have an opportunity to compare the ceremonial portrait by Nikitin and Vishnyakov with the private portrait by Levitsky and Borovikovsky.

We can assure you that a visit to The Rusian museum can’t go without observing the most known works of art such as: “The last day of Pompeii” by Karl Bryullov, “The wave” by Ivan Aivazovsky — one of the greatest seascape painters of all time, famous “Forest” by Ivan Shshkin-the landscape painter and the professor of the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art, images of every-day life of a Russian peasant and a civil servant on the paintings by Repin.

On the paintings of The Russian Museum collection you can find the images of different historical characters, such as a general of the Imperial Russian Army- Alexander Suvorov, who never lost a single battle, painted by Surikov; and the paintings on mythological subjects representing the characters of fables and fairy-tales, like “A Knight on the crossroads” skillfully made by Vasnetsov.

Various Russian landscapes always inspired the artists, in The Russian Museum you can enjoy observing “Birch Forest” by Levitan or “The Moscow courtyard” by Polenov.

If you are interested in Russian Modern Art we will be glad to include in your program a visit to The Benois Wing. There you will get acquainted with the mystical demons by Vrubel, the members of Yusupov noble family painted by Serov, the ladies with ample curves by Kustodiev, the epic poems characters by Rerikh, “Moonspots” by Kuindzhi, abstract art by Kandinsky etc.

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